EC2 Scheduler based on working hours

Cover different timezones and working hours.

EC2 instance scheduler

Flexible schedule

You can set up 24/7 schedule based on you project needs and cover working hours in different time zones. As a example if you have nightly builds or running automation tests - you can start your server, perform tests and stop till the office working hours.

Create your own schedule

Manage your resources in one place

You can see all your servers and other information at one page.

EC2 instances

Actual status monitoring

You see all you servers in one place with different attributes, names and types. State of each server is automatically changing and you always see the actual state of you server.

Add server

Free start

Start and open account is absolutely FREE. You have 14-day trial period with limited resources for testing purposes and verify all features.

Simple usage

Our platform can be used by any non-technical person who has know something about cloud infrastructure. In any case we can support you to setup everything properly.

Fully automated

You should configure scheduling of your cloud servers at one time and our system will work automatically without any support and attention from your side.

Cost savings

You can save up to 60% of your cloud computing costs, reduce your monthly bills and stop waste your money if you don't use some servers.

How it works

How you will save money during working day using our service.

Before using

After using

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App Pricing

You can use any plan according to your needs. You can change your plan at any time.

  • Basic
  • $15 / month
  • 5 instances
  • 14-days free trial
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  • Startup
  • $59 / month
  • 15 instances
  • 14-days free trial
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  • Professional
  • $149 / month
  • 30 instances
  • 14-days free trial
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  • Business
  • $299 / month
  • 50 instances
  • 14-day free trial
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